I got my 2 soup bowls in and they were graded 18.5 out of 20. My tall project was an 8.5 out of 10. My two independent works got a 9 out of 10 and an 18 out of 10. My set of three and wheel altered are not turned in but are waiting to go in the bisque. This quarter of ceramics was difficult but fun. I gave my full effort 99% of the time. I helped with clean up every day. My clean up job is the splash rings. Although most people take care of their own, when there is one left out, I wash it and put it away. I was always participating and helping the newbies out when they asked for help. Some major difficulties this semester was time management. It was hard to be able to get everything in because of various reasons. My projects broke many of the times. The most frequent issue was the fact that there aren’t enough wheels. I get here later than others because my previous class is far away, so by the time I got here all the wheels were taken and I wasn’t able to throw for the day, which set me back many times.  What I did like about this semester is that I’m no longer a newbie. All the people in this class are very nice and I have had fun every day in here. This is the class I look forward to every morning when I get up.